Where's my punk spirit when I need it

  1. G I Y O N G C H Y


  2. Susie Bubble


  3. illustration I made a couple of months back for Chalk magazine


  4. With the lovely Reese Lansangan


  5. Hello! It’s been quite a long time since I last posted something here. I’ve been meaning to share with you guys some new stuff I’ve worked on for the last few months, but school always seems to get in the way -___- I’ve been terribly busy with my thesis and all sorts of other things lately, so I haven’t had the time to update. I really appreciate those who’ve been sending me messages, despite the scarcity of art posts. Huhuu. I promise to get back to your questions and messages once I get rid of all these schoolwork.


    Anyway, just to break off the silence that has fallen into my blog these past 3 months, here’s a photo illustration that I made for Young Star. I was recently featured as one of Manila’s most talented Illustrators of 2012! Yay! *happytears* Feels so surreal to get published alongside other amazing illustrators! Just imagine how nervous I was when I finally got to see Soleil, Tokwa, and all the other featured artists in the flesh for the first time! asdfghjkl! I was seriously stunned, guys! It felt really weird because I only used to stalk these people online. The moment I saw them I was like, “Whoa! What the flip am I doing here?!” Hahaha! I barely talked to anyone in the room because I was too chicken to approach all of them. I swear, my heart was pounding the whole time I was in the studio. Good thing I was able to control my fangirl feelings. Haha!

    I really had fun working on this! I was actually a bit surprised the photos came out this big.


    For those who missed the paper last Friday, you could still check-out the article here.

    Huge thanks to Sir Raymond Ang, Ralph Mendoza, Roxy Valencerina and to the whole Young Star team for making this all happen!

    Article by: Carina Santos

    Photography by: Gabby Cantero


  6. currently on the process of learning GIFs


  7. I know I haven’t been posting much lately, and I’m feeling somewhat guilty because I’ve been constantly neglecting this blog for a couple of weeks now. As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been on and off Tumblr for the past few days. You see, I’ve been trying my best to keep up with my internet life but things have been keeping me busy lately. And as much as I want to post new works here, I just can’t seem to get enough of a handle on things to make room for drawing.

    Five weeks ago, I started my internship with Rogue magazine. Man, I can’t even begin to explain how ecstatic I am, seriously. It has already been 31 days since my first day of training but I still can’t digest the fact that I made it here. Huhuu. I’m just extremely grateful, really. ;__; Working in a magazine has always been a dream of mine. When I was sixteen, I remember thinking, “someday I’m gonna make it in the publishing industry!” Little did I know that 2 years later, I’d actually make that silly dream happen. Haha! I was literally prancing and dancing with joy the moment I knew I got accepted.

    My first month stay in Rogue has been nothing short of amazing. At first, I was really worried because I thought I’m going to have a hard time adjusting with the working environment. But since everyone was surprisingly nice and friendly, I found it so much easier to get along. (Although I admit I don’t really talk that much when I’m in the office. Hahaha!)

    Every day is a learning experience for me. I get to try a lot of things, meet new people, discover new places, get to have a first-hand experience of what it’s like to work in the industry, have a deeper understanding of the publishing world, and most importantly, I get to surround myself with inspiring individuals who share the same passion as I do. It feels overwhelmingly great, really. Every time I go home from work, I always find myself smiling like an idiot. Hahaha (luka-loka lang ang peg?)

    Anyway, here’s an inside look at Rogue’s office

    This giant R right here is the first thing you’ll see the moment you enter the door

    Some of Roguemag’s previous photoshoots

    Nicola and Michelle’s desks

    Rogue’s mini library.

    This one right here’s Deputy Art Director, Miguel Lugtu’s workstation

    Rogue’s office motto. Something to keep us inspired while working :)

    That room right there is Editor in Chief, Paolo Reyes’ office, adjacent to that is Assistant Editor, Raymond Ang’s desk

    This one’s Managing Editor, Carmela Lopa’s office. I find her room the niftiest among the other three. haha

    and here’s Creative Director, Miguel Mari’s (forgot to take a picture of Sir L.A’s)

    Obligatory webcam photo. hehe! I don’t understand why I look so bitchy in this picture -_-

    I know the month of May is almost over, but in case you haven’t grabbed a copy of this issue yet, please do! ^^


  8. because canvases and papers are too mainstream


  9. my shirt bleeds neon colors


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  11. Hundred Islands, Pangasinan 2012


  12. Kittycat


  13. 17th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival + Lakeshore Pampanga

    photos by Lora Urian and me


  14. something I made for UP Cineastes’ Haute Auteur Exhibit 2012


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    Jenny Owen Youngs - Fuck Was I